About Me

The recipient of a bachelor’s degree in economics and international affairs from Marquette University in 1993, Damon Grandbouche founded Coyote Coffee Company, Inc. shortly after graduation. After serving three years as president of the Newark, New Jersey-based company, Damon Grandbouche took a position as assistant vice president and director of IME Services for Concentra Managed Care, Inc., where he administered a network of nine clinics with a combined $15 million in revenue and assisted with venture capital endeavors.

An experienced investor, Damon Grandbouche has made a living by managing his own investment portfolio since 1999. His flexible work schedule has allowed him to explore volunteer opportunities with local recreation clubs, including a four-year stint as president and treasurer of the Nassau Swim Club and his current role as a baseball coach with Princeton Little League. Additionally, Mr. Grandbouche is an adjunct facilitator at Princeton-Blairstown Center, where he leads training sessions on teamwork, leadership, and risk management. In his free time, he maintains an active lifestyle through activities such as surfing, skiing, backpacking, and playing hockey.